Tiny Tees: (Ages 5-6)

1-hour class once a week designed to instill curiosity and enthusiasm for the game with age-appropriate activities.

Player: (Ages 7-18)

Required for all youth new to First Tee regardless of prior golf experience

Player 1 – Encompasses lessons 1-4 of the PLAYer curriculum. PLAYer I is recommended prior to Player 2 – participation.
Certification is not required to participate in Player 2.
Player 2 – Encompasses lessons 5-9 of the Player curriculum.
Certification is conducted at the end of the Player 2 sessions.


LPGA Girls Golf : (Ages 7 & Up)

Have fun learning, practicing, and playing golf in an all-girls environment. These classes are provided through a partnership with LPGA-USGA. Girls Golf and Girls In Golf and are for any girl interested in golf with instruction and play specially tailored for varying ability levels.

Operation 36: – Not for Beginners (Ages 8-15)

Cell Phone Required to track progression with Op 36 app
– This class is for students to be able to shoot par or better for 9 holes
– Scholarships are not available. 

Operation 36 provides a 6 level curriculum to provide a roadmap for golfers to be able to shoot par or better for 9 holes! Operation 36 is being used by over 400 golf facilities around the world to grow the game of golf! The Operation 36 Golf Academies use the Operation 36 Program and Technology to help golfers find their challenge points and improve their game.

Par: (Ages 9-18)
Player Certification Required

Par level focuses on interpersonal and self-management skills in a more sophisticated manner than PLAYer. Further development of swing fundamentals and increased proficiency in putting and short game skills are also emphasized. Minimum golf skill requirements for certification are introduced. A requirement of Par level certification is to complete at least one 9-hole round of golf and provide a scorecard.

Birdie: (Ages 11-18) 
Par Certification Required 

Birdie level curriculum has a strong emphasis on self-management and goal-setting. Goal-setting includes the ability to plan for the future by defining and setting reachable goals, as well as devising plans to achieve goals and overcome challenges. Golf skill certification requirements are more stringent at the Birdie level and it is the first-class level that has a minimum golf score requirement for certification.

Eagle: (Ages 14-18)
Birdie Certification Required

While the emphasis in PLAYer, Par, and Birdie levels is on the individual, Eagle level classes focus more on group and community interaction. Topics such as conflict resolution, mentoring and educational planning, diet, fitness, and lifestyle are included in Eagle level classes. In general, participants should take a minimum of two years at the Eagle level to successfully master golf and life skills required for certification.

Ace: (Ages 15-18)
Eagle Certification Required

Offers advanced instruction and practices reinforcing life skills. Require completion of four projects. Contact our office directly to schedule.