Think you know golf? Think Again! The First Tee is Changing the Game

What are your perceptions of golf? For many parents who are unfamiliar with the game, junior golf may not seem like a good fit for their children. Some of the perceptions of golf is that it is inaccessible, expensive, solitary, lacking diversity and boring. At The First Tee, we are breaking golf stereotypes.

We make golf affordable.

Playing youth sports has a reputation for creating costs for parents. Golf, especially, has a reputation of being expensive. As a result, many parents shy away from the game when they think of the greens fees, clothes and clubs. At The First Tee, we make it easy. Kids and teens can “come as you are” — no special equipment necessary. We also will not turn a child away due to an inability to pay.

We provide trained coaches who care.

junior golf coach
The First Tee coaches are trained to create positive relationships that inspire youth to look to their future, set goals and discover their individual potential.

No child wants to participate in a sport where coaches don’t care and fail to invest in them. Our program requires all coaches receive ongoing training through our Coach Program. Our coach philosophy is founded on making our program activity-based and empowering youth to learn. Consequently, many participants rely on coaches as their mentors.

Our programs are team-oriented and social.

Golf doesn’t have to be a solitary, individual sport. Interpersonal skills and sportsmanship are vital to our program. Youth participate as a class where they meet others from all walks of life. Many participants find lifelong friends through The First Tee and have a better appreciation of diversity.

We teach life lessons, not just the game.

Values like sportsmanship, confidence and perseverance — these are traits you expect youth to acquire through sports. At The First Tee, we make it a priority to include these values and character education into each lesson as part of our curriculum. We use golf as the platform to help youth learn our Nine Core Values. Students learn about honesty by keeping track of their own score and respect by beginning each game or round of golf with a handshake. Furthermore, coaches are trained to help students apply these values beyond the course.

We make golf fun!

In a four-year study, 73% of youth stated their “enjoyment of the experience, confidence in golf ability and support of coaches/friends” as the top three reasons for staying in the program.

Anyone can play junior golf at The First Tee — no previous experience is necessary. And don’t worry—we don’t start with an 18-hole round of golf on the first day! Coaches make golf fun for kids and teens with golf games and activities. Youth build their golf skills overtime and can work up to full rounds of golf as they grow into the game.

Still Skeptical?

Find out what a few of our parents say about introducing golf to their children.


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