Congratulations to Abbi Fleiner!

A huge thank you to Abbi Fleiner and AJGA for their donation of $4,310 through the Leadership Links program!

The Leadership Links program purpose is to engage competitive junior golfers in charitable activity through volunteerism and fundraising. Charitable activity is associated with golf at virtually every level of the game. Expanding the philanthropic involvement of today’s young players not only benefits individuals today, but also lays a foundation for future charitable activity that will help ensure a continued high level of volunteerism around golf for many years to come.

The AJGA, which works to develop golf’s next generation, is in a unique position to carry out such a program. Leadership Links gives juniors all the tools necessary to donate their time, talent, and resources to local charities and AJGA youth development programs, such as the ACE grant program that provides financial assistance to junior golfers who wish to take advantage of top-flight golf opportunities but lack the necessary financial resources. A USGA Grant will match the first $1,000 raised by junior golfers for charitable junior golf programs through Leadership Links.